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Honest question about cartridge vs. turntable performance.
The turntable can make a large difference. I just upgraded from my old Rega Planar 2 to a Technics SL1210GR. I've kept the same cartridge and everything else is the same also. So much less surface noise and overall cleaner sound.  
Sumiko BPS Evo III vs Hana EL/EH
My phono pre is a Sutherland Ph3d. I didn't realize there was a Technics in my price range. I thought the $1800 one was their entry point, so I'll look into the less expensive one that was mentioned. My preference was to buy and support local (dea... 
Sumiko BPS Evo III vs Hana EL/EH
That's probably what I'll end up doing. When I borrowed the Studiodeck from a local dealer, they happened to have the low output version of my cartridge. I would imagine an Evo 3 high output sounds extremely close to the Evo 3 low output. It was a... 
I don't like the sound of my system. Help please.
Shakey,What do you not like about the Vandersteens? What would you get for the same price? You'll be glad to know that I know longer have my 1c's. They are sold and I am currently speakerless and on the hunt. 
I don't like the sound of my system. Help please.
Sell the speakers to me. That's my suggestion. How old are they? That may not help your sound, but it would help me:). 
Why is it that when I look up the seller info...
I checked the one for 2juki that Dekay mentioned. If you click on the classic profile, it gives as "active since" date. That may be the true join date that we should be looking at. 
Christmas '12 Audio Upgrades?
No surprises for me either. I did get all 4 records that I asked for, so I was I more than pleased with that. I'm too picky anyways to even think that a surprise would meet my needs. 
When does seller's responsibility end?
I would say a couple of days from when it showed as being received. If UPS/ FedEx (whomever you used to ship it) has the number of days listed that you are allowed to report hidden damage, then I would say it should be based on that less a day so ... 
What is the most popular wood finish ?
I would think cherry or walnut would be safe choices. A lot of the exotics can be too taste specific. Just use a natural stain and a clear coat. Make sure you see samples by whoever is doing the work for you. 
Magnepan durability
Thank you both for the responses.Mt10425, the thought of that has only caused me minor stress. My solution is to add a Vandersteen 2wq sub and that would allow me to keep my current moniker. 
Who is Most Beautiful female singer ever
Norah Jones is my first choice... also a fan of Jennifer Lopez. 
Any music, vinyl stores in Raleigh, NC area?
I should add to my previous post that those places would be more for rock/ indie/ pop/ hip hop (they both right by different universities). Nice Price Books is a good place to go for cheap used vinyl. 
Any music, vinyl stores in Raleigh, NC area?
The best place in the area for new vinyl would be CD Alley in Chapel Hill (about half an hour away). Schoolkids Records in Raleigh use to have a good selection of vinyl- they still may, but it's been forever since I've been there. If you want to l... 
Here's another vote for the Panasonic plasmas. I have two of the same model since I was so happy with the first one I bought. I think it's the S42, but I'm not sure since they are 2 and 3 years old. The only downside that I've dealt with is they r... 
Solid Epoxy Resin Platform -
BRF,I'm not sure what it would cost to have individual platforms made. You could try a company out of Florida called AGR Fabricators. They are retail of sorts. The main two manufacturers are Durcon and Epoxyn, but I don't think that they sell dire...