No 1099-k for 2022 for Paypal and other payment platforms

This just will NOT receive a 1099 for this year.




Speak for yourself. The Kahn here has had them going out in IL for years already.

I’m sure this is a big relief for the wealthy who were undoubtedly wringing their hands in worry. 

That’s good news.

I was wondering how this was going to work. Most items that I have sold were usually sold as used and at a loss from the original purchase price.

It seemed like a nightmare awaiting along with the 85K+ IRS agents...


Hey I am a poor guy who was wringing hands in worry about this, so much so that I got a second job last week to pay my taxes. This is freaking great news!

I wasn't terribly worried about this as pretty much everything I sold, I sold at a loss. However, I don't exactly have receipts for things I bought used a decade ago. I was more concerned about how much documentation each transaction would require. Guess I'll be saving all my PayPal "receipts" for purchases henceforth.

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