PayPal Merchant ID

Effective immediately, a Merchant ID is no longer required to utilize PayPal as a payment method to facilitate sales on the Audiogon platform. We know how frustrating using PayPal on our site has been, but we have worked closely with PayPal to implement an improved solution. Going forward, users need only have a valid PayPal e-mail address to conduct sales on the site. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out through our Support Portal.
Thank you. I've got some gear to unload and have been relying on eBay and Craig's list and not Audiogon because I did not want to fool with all the PayPal stuff here. I will soon be removing it from those sights and listing it here. Thanks!
I guess better late than never.
As I already had the merchant ID sorted so no big deal but I can see how it maybe of assistance to other members so good work Audiogon!