New Node User - Help me understand the signal chain with various sources

Hi everyone,

New user here and so far so good. My setup includes Node wired directly to my home router, analog RCA out to my 2 channel amp, and Iphone to control Qobuz, Apple and even Spotify at times.  

My question is around understanding the signal flow in an effort to optimize the path (ideally keeping it wired). As best I can tell, when I use Qobuz via BlueSound app, the chain is

Internet>home router>ethernet to Node>RCA to amp.  

Conversely, with Apple Music it appears the path is:  

Internet>home router>wifi to Iphone>Airplay to node>RCA to amp

And last (perhaps weirdly) Spotify looks like this (?)

Internet>home router >wifi to Iphone>Airplay to node>RCA to amp.  

That last one is odd because it appears Spotify is supported in BlueSound app. My goal is to understand this better, and as much as possible operate in the native application of each of the services rather than try to use Roon or BlueSound application. At the same time I'd like to keep the path wired as much as possible. Let me know if my understanding is correct, and what changes I might need to achieve the goal.  



Spotify is supported if you are a paying subscriber.    It does not allow the free version.  My work around is Blutooth Spotify Free from my tablet to my Vault 2i.  You have to go into supported streaming services and sign in with your paying Spotify password.
Anything Apple will be airplay, but will be more stable with the hardwired connection. As mentioned, music services need to be “added” to the Node through subscription services. Most of the big players are supported, with Pandora being the exception. You can also control a NAS if you have one. I use Roon for that task, but the Node and app are both setup to access my NAS as well.
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