New Cowboy Junkies- Wow

I just picked up the new Cowboy Junkies disc, "Early 21st Century Blues" and it's fantastic! It's the first Junkies album I've picked up since "The Trinity Sessions" but the track list on this looked cool, lots of interesting covers, so I said what the heck. Boy am I glad I did! There's a Dylan tune, two Springsteen tunes, one George Harrison, and my favorite Richie Havens "Handouts In The Rain". They even do a U2 tune, "One"! It's available pretty much everywhere, check it out.
Great find buddy!...I listened to 60 second snips of all the songs and I LIKE IT.

Trinity Sessions spoiled me so bad that I never liked anything else they did...and I tried hard because that voice of hers is killer IMO.

I think they tried to rock (at least soft rock) on all their other cd's I listened to...thats not her style IMO, these songs fit her like a glove.

Big fan! Thanks Jond. I'll pick the new one up soon. Saw them in concert locally and would highly recommend the experience. I think they did an Austin City Limits concert for PBS as well that's worth looking for. I'm with Dave on having bought many of their other albums only to be compelled to listen to a handful of those songs, whereas Trinity Sessions never fails to hold me start to finish.

A couple of, perhaps lesser known, recommendations if you like the Cowboy Junkies, both highlighed with wonderful female vocals and intelligent lyrics:

Trespasser's William (small San Francisco based band with two albums - both are good, but I prefer "Anchor")

Over the Rhine - Highly underrated band...their album, "Ohio" is wonderful!

Besides the wonderful songs, how is the recording? Give me a scale between 1 and 5 if you could. Thanks.
Thanks Jond. I will go buy it this weekend. I had your speakers before. If you add a sub to them, you would thank me later. I would try a Rel first.
My personal fav is "The Caution Horses" I did just recently rediscover "trinity Sessions" in my collection. Glad this was brought up for I might not have known and gone without. Paul
Thanks for the lead Jond.

My personal favorite is "Whites Off Earth Now". If you like "The Trinity Sessions" I know you'll like it too. Similar recording technique in a church.
Anybody know if it's going to be on vinyl? It's 6am, I think I'll go listen to them now with my coffee.
So how'd you like my speakers and what did you drive them with? I'm currently using an 18 watt per side KR Audio tube amp and I'm amazed at how easy they are to drive and how great they sound. In my small room a sub isn't really needed. I get usable output down to 40hz, that's good enough for me and I'm sure my neighbors thank me as well. Everyone enjoy the disc, also a similar recommendation, everyone should pick up the debut album of The Great Unknowns if you like Americana music and I'm guessing you all do. It's on Daemon records and it's an amazing record, good sound, great tunes. Enjoy!
I was driving them w/ Cary 805C. I never thought I lacked any bass until I decided to add a sub one day and see what it did.
I know you dont need more bass but a sub added more than just bass. Instruments were fuller and rounder. Soundstage was bigger, and most important there was a sense of ease without any strain.
Just my 2 cents...
Nick T
I am a fan of CJ, and have pretty much everything they've put out, but what's up with the Title Song (track 10)on the new CD. Hip/Hop Rap on a CJ release???????.
Jond, Thanks for reminding me about them. I bought TTS many tears ago, one of my favorite CD's, but haven't listened to it in a while. After reading your post I bought ETCB yesterday and izza winner. My favorite cut on first listen is #4.
Wonderful Album! Thanks to this thread I picked up sooner than I probably would have.. Thanks guys.. Loving it!

Thanks for the excellent reco, it is getting a lot of airtime at my house! Finds like these is what makes A-gon so great.
I picked it up on your suggestion Jond, and it has been in my car CD player for the past 4 days. I am looking forward to hearing it on the house system soon. I especially like the U2 tune "One," and several of the others.
looking forward to the new disc.

i recommend the live discs

200 more miles

waltz across america

i enjoy their performances too, though they are certainly laid back. good bit of rock n roll on the live albums, though.

I finally got the CJ's Early 21st Century Blues after a month wait. Apparently, it was just released in Canada. Has a similar appeal as the Trinity Sessions. Margo Timmins and her soft, luscious voice, some excellent guitar riffs, and good recording make this a keeper from the first listen onward. Even the hip hop rap held my attention in a positive way, especially with the contrapuntal effects of Margo's singing style against the rap which ultimately come together in a unified and timeless message bridging generations. Nice touch.