New Aurender conductor V4 app

Just downloaded and am trying out the new version of Conductor.I like a few things about it immediately,mostly the added link to Wikipedia for artist info, but am not wild about having to make two actions instead of one to add a new song to the playlist. I get why you need to do that for the new features but Its a bit clunky.I think I,ll probably prefer it long term ,but just getting used to it now.Anyone else have any thoughts?


+1 @lalitk 

been using V4 for months and I find it worth the slight struggle to get used to it for the automatic suggestions in the queue alone. I love all the new music I’m hearing for sure.

would like it if tracks could be reordered in a playlist like in V3. Maybe that is possible but haven’t figured it out yet.

N10 is sounding amazing and digging on V4.

@pokey77 reordering in queue is easy - just press on the song and slide it either up or down. And in playlist to do this edit it then grab the song and move it.