Need opinion with new cd player purchase

Hi I have a older(15yrs old) Roksan Caspian cdp which has become problematic. I'm looking at buying a new player which could be another Caspian but locally there is Cambridge and Naim that I could try to name a couple. In house trials with the dealer for some reason can be hard to arrange. So my question is which one of these two or any other player would have similar warmth, presentation that the Caspian has? I would have to buy on line to get a new Roksan and I'm thinking of spending 3k.any opinions would be greatly appreciated !

Thx Randy
From hanging around here for a number of years, I just don't think you're going to find many (if any) who have actual experience with Roksan CD players. They just don't seem to be very popular for whatever reason. I think both Cambridge and Naim are very nice players and you should definitely check out the Naim CD5X, which I think is somewhere near 3K. Bring the Roksan with you and compare side-by-side at the dealer. Also, while I know you don't want to spend the money, at least audition the 5X with the flatcap outboard power supply. It really makes a big difference and you can save up for it later if you need to. But at least hear it with the PS. Best of luck to you.
I would highly consider the OPPO 105 ($1200) It uses the ESS Saber Dacs. Also it has Balanced and un balanced audio outs, plus it is a universal player! Then you can always upgrade it for $2500 (the truth Mod by Modwright Instruments adds tubed output stage and tubed separate power supply). Then you would have a player that would sound like a $10,000 player. This player is one of the best buys in audio today!
If you like the ROKSAN signature sound (15 years is a long time), a new model ROKSAN spinner would be the first one on my short-list.

They have traditionally been a quality UK quality brand that flies under many radars.

What 5 star review

Caspian M2 CD review

Best CD player £1500+, Awards 2014. In our opinion the finest CD player available at anywhere near this price Tested at £1650

Our Verdict


Combines refinement, bite and rhythmic ability better than anything else we’ve heard at this price level
sonic composure
excellent build


Some may not like the revised looks

Alternate choice step up to the next level ....


The phrase is game changer. This not a CD player as we know it, with the possible exception of the £6,000 Rega Isis nothing I have heard in digital audio delivers resolution and musicality in such convincing and entertaining fashion as the Saturn-R.

Ever since streaming came along I have pretty much given up on CD, most players are either dull or painful, it seemed to be nigh on impossible to get the resolution of file streaming nor the musicality of vinyl out of the format. CD players with vitality usually have a forwardness that makes them uncomfortable long term or at level. The Saturn-R, a £1,598 player, is extraordinarily revealing and, more important, has the best timing in the business. What’s its secret? After all the Apollo-R has the same mechanism – a device made for portable use with a decent amount of RAM so that it carries on playing if it’s jogged. The DAC is different, it’s a Wolfson and they’re pretty good, yet I’ve heard plenty of no better than OK players with them onboard. Designer Terry Bateman says its essentially down to power supply and house keeping, there is more space in the box and more budget so things are done to a higher standard. And the Apollo-R is a damn entertaining player, it is in the same ballpark when it comes to grin factor, so it would seem that Rega has managed to refine that and reveal more of what it gets off the disc.

I have the REGA ISIS Valve CDP and the Saturn R has some of its trickle down high-end technology to go with a superior build quality .
Thankyou guys for your opinions. I liked the Roksan because it has a "warm" presentation which works well with my system and room. My listening room(rec room) has a lot of hard surfaces and I've done all the damping that was approved by my better half, which still left the room on the bright side.
The players that I've heard at my place were 640 series Cambridge and a Sony xa20es (not sure if that the right model# sorry) I found the Sony too bright, with the Cambridge better, still alittle to bright . Can anybody compare these to their recommendations? Very interested in your replies!
A lot of people seem to like the Line Magnetic players. Heard the 215 last week and thought it sounded very good.