Music Hall CD25 better than Ah Njoe Tjoeb?

So, in the battle for best of the modifiable econo-players, which one is better? The Music Hall or Ah!4000? Anyone ever side by side compared these two as stock units or modified? Which did you prefer and why?
I have had the CD25 and the Ah Njoe Tjoeb 99. Both were great for the money, but I did like the Tjoeb better. There was just a smoothness to the music. The only other player I liked better, close to its price, was the Rega Planet 2000. Which was used. I have been thinking about getting a Tjoeb 4000.
Thanks for your input; could you expound on your comment that you liked the Rega Planet better than the Njoe Tjoeb. What appealed to you, the soundstage, detail, tube-like sound? It would help me to determine whether or not to pursue one.
I'm currently using the Ah! 4000; it's a very nice player.I went with the upsampler - a worthwhile upgrade. Funny, just the other day I found out something that does effect the music; if you hold down the "edit" button on the unit, the variable volume is turned off. This bypasses the volume circuitry of the 4000, yielding, in my ears, a much more natural, full sound. Since, I'm using a preamp, I had unnecessarily limited the sound by having the volume control engaged! I was glad to find the edit button hint online.
But one always wonders if another brand modded would be preferable. Basically, I wonder if changing op amps etc. can make a player sound superior to putting tubes in it.
Anyone else who's heard these modded units, I'd appreciate your comments.
And now I see that there's level one and two mods available for the Ah! 4000 as well. So, would the modded 4000 be superior to the modded Music Hall cd 25? Anyone heard the modded units to compare?
Douglas, thanks for the edit push button, it works.
I agree with you, my AH aounds better.

Yeah, can you believe it! I don't recall ever having read this about the edit button in the paperwork. Maybe it was there, but I don't recall. I only remember the guys from Upscale Audio who sold me the unit suggesting using the volume on max setting. Well, the edit button function for fixed vol out is better. Glad you stumbled onto this thread! Now, I wonder if there's a button to subtantively change the sound of the op amps! haha
The Planet does sound very tube like. To me it also had a bigger soundstage, pulled out more detail in the music. The only problem I have with the Rega, is the remote codes. Sometimes I enjoy watching a football or basketball game, while I listen to music. But the next track and previous track codes are the same as my televisions channel up and down codes. That can be fun.