Most favored hearing aid for audiophiles

Is there a brand or a model of a brand that is most favored by hearing impaired audiophiles?

Hopefully you'll get some helpful responses beyond turning the volume up or the use of an ear horn. If 1948 was your year of birth I can sympathize with you on age taking a toll on your hearing. I was born in 1949 and have had gradual hearing loss accompanied with tinnitus. I've been considering the use of hearing aids and would also be grateful for suggestions on brands.
Yep. @goldenear1948, I am also interested in what others are using/doing. 

The effect of the tinnitus for me has meant there are very few moments during the day/night when music or audio of some kind isn't playing.

Being alone with the cicadas can get claustrophobic. 

This question was addressed a few years ago, I think in the forums here.  The consensus seemed to be that the one remaining analog provider of hearing aids was making the only hearing aid that sounded musical, but, I don't recall the name of that manufacturer, sorry.   
I've tried them, but they turn music into cheap plastic.  Went round and round to try to get to a good place, but the audiologist said that although the electronics of the good ones go from 20 - 20,000 hz, proper miniature microphones haven't been invented...maybe to 6 k or so on the top, and 100 or so in the bass.
Many people texting me instead of calling for obvious reason. My hearing isn’t best since birth. Therefore I usually crank volume control. Loud music I hear much better than telephone conversation.