Morrow Audio Speaker Cables

Came across this company and I’m curious if anyone has experience or comments with their speaker cables from a quality vs cost standpoint.  Thanks for your thoughts. 


@soix, what a strange coincidence you asked this question today!  I just got my SP-6 cables in the mail today. Look great but I won’t get to hook them up and have a serious listen until Friday PM.  I’ll post my first impressions later. 

Well I got to sit down and have a critical listening session with the new SP-6 speaker cables installed tonight.  To be honest with you I had limited expectations of a significant sound quality difference with any speaker cables, however I was proven totally wrong.  The difference was noticeable right off the bat with much deeper and cleaner bass response.  The mids and high range were also clean and crisp but not the dramatic change observed in the low frequencies.  Soundstage was about the same but, full disclosure, I did change the orientation of the speakers and moved them in about 1 foot together (I had a shorter lenght with the Morrow cables).  My wife even noticed a difference!  I’m very pleased with these Morrow cables so far.  


I will say I don’t care for their XLR cables, due to most of them using the same relatively basic Neutrik connectors.

I have made many XlR cables using Furutech FP-601/602 connectors yet am surprised by the number of very expensive cables using Neutrik connectors. A few years ago I started using much less expensive Vampire or DH Labs XLR connectors and frankly have never heard a difference compared to the 601/602. I believe the Vampire/DH Labs metallurgy is better than Neutrik uses but I also believe many of those fancy/expensive connectors are more bling than performance. Not sure whether Vampire is still available but DH Labs is a solid choice that I doubt could be bettered sonically to any consistently reliable degree. In addition, much of the equipment the expensive connectors will be attached to use Neutrik connectors.