Last night, listening before I went to bed, I was convinced there was something radically wrong with my system. Nothing sounded good.  This morning I decided to play something I was sure would sound good.  All of a sudden my mood picked up.  Now everything I heard after that was reference sound quality.

I wonder if anyone else has had that kind of mood swing from one day to the next.


@stuartk On your sibilance issue, have you tried different speaker cables? It seems they are silver plated which can exacerbate sibilance. 

I think power quality has a lot to do with it.  Sometimes my system sounds bad and Most of the times it is clean and crisp.  Maybe justification for a power purifier.  

Great topic you teed up. Some days my system sounds awesome and some days it  doesn't quite get there. As noted above, "ear lube" helps my system and "swing lube" helps my golf game.  I embrace lubricants for a variety of enhancements in my life.  At any rate, the vicissitudes in the sound of one's system, day to day, is a matter that resides between one's two ears, I think.


 I embrace lubricants for a variety of enhancements in my life

Careful you don't slip and crash into a speaker or land face down on top of a hot tube amp! 


I don't want to hijack this thread so I will PM you.