Mono curious: Schiit Tyr or Van Alstine DVA M225

Currently enjoying the beastly Sanders Magtech on my newish KEF Blade2. Never owned monos but increasingly keen to once in my life.

Anyhoots, question for the internets: any predictions which might match better on Blades? Or best the Magtech for that matter (if at all)?

Note the prices for the monos are nearly the same, amazingly. The mags costs 2x the monos btw. 


There is no benefit replacing the Sanders amp with a pair of mono amps. The Magtech can take on sonically any five- figure amp! If you want to hear spectacular sound buy the Sanders ESL speakers!

Owned his speakers twice! Innersounds way back, 20 years ago! 

Today I ordered Carver Black Magic 25 tube amp, will arrive this week. Decided I miss the tubey chewy syrupy. Dk if they have the mustard to drive the blades, will report back in a week.