MHDT or Border Patrol

I've been switching between a DACmagic Pus with an LPS, and a Schiit Modi Multibit DACs and while the sound is decent/acceptable I would like to "upgrade" to a non-OS tube DAC just to see if it adds more body and texture to the music without losing detail. Has anyone had a chance to compare the MHDT and Border Patrol DACs and can comment on their sound quality?  I have Bluesound Node2 feeding the DAC, into an upgraded Aric Audio tube preamp, McIntosh MC2200, and Vandersteen 2Ci speakers. I'm actually looking for more texture in the low/high treble and mid/low bass. Aric's preamp gives plenty of body/texture in the midrange spectrum.
Thanks in advance.  
Can someone explain the difference between the Orchid and Canary? I see there's a difference in the "I/V stage" but not exactly sure what that means. 
The Orchid uses Phillips TDA1541A-R1, which is the top of the line DAC from that Phillips 15xx series, compared to the lower cost TDA1545A chips used in the Canary. The Orchid uses an OPA861 transistor for output gain whereas the Canary uses additional TDA1545A chips for output gain. This link below summarizes all differences;
Guys, what a fascinating thread. Normally I only hang around the analog forums (more shade there, I can stay hidden Lol), but I'm finally (Covid-permitting) gonna try and get off the fence and make that streaming purchase, obv needing to settle on a dac.
My dilemmas are trying to converge on a SQ level-price point based on streaming likely to run alongside my tt and also my cdp...yes, I still buy cds to add to the 1.5k that I already own played thru a $15k cdp.
Even w streaming, I'm likely to carry on buying lps and cds.
I have no idea where streaming will take me...if I end up with an unengaging server/dac, or I struggle w the interface, or I don't find much I like on the æther (I'll be looking for unusual prog, fusion and ambient electronica deep genre searches), the whole thing could be a waste of cash

...hence my joy at finding this line of dacs. MHDT almost looks too good to be true. Warm AND revealing, toneful AND dynamic...and open to tube rolling
...and critically for this potential customer at least who is really unsure of the lay of the land, hugely affordable.

Am I reading you fanboys CAN have it (almost) all, for a fraction of the cost of spendy bigger names like Chord, Aqua, Lampi etc?
Well. I ended up with a Orchid. It replaced my Oppo 105. I have ~50-60 hours on the stock GE tube an it’s really opened up. The whole sound stage seems In front of you if that makes any sense. So much so I hooked my Oppo 105 into the Orchid and my Redbook seems more alive as well. I also have a Western Electric JW396A D getter W-E military tube en route which I hear is supposed to be amazing. 
Gelle, I'm fascinated by all this. For an owner using a Lampi GG to want for nothing in using an MHDT is a fantastic testimonial.
And your's amongst dozens more that are 100% effusive.
Is this dac the single biggest bargain in digital audio.
I'm trying to find a corresponding bargain in servers/streamers.
My attention is drawn to the c$1k Limetree Network Bridge.
I'm thinking that plus BBQ Audio-modded Orchid or Pagoda is the way to go for this computer audio novice.
I just purchased the balanced pagoda and it's replaced a schiit multibit, I think I need several weeks of burn in but my setup has never sounded so good. Can't wait to upgrade this thing. 
Just got the Border Patrol Se-i and it's a wonderful. Exhibiting all the characteristics described here in this thread for the MHDT and you shut the tube on or off to your liking. Built in the US (not Taiwan) and the support from Gary is fantastic. i don't think you could go wrong with either of these DACs but my pick would be the BP given it's proven reliability and made in the US and flexibility. 
I have a Pagoda, single ended. Very happy for the sound. Neutral yet organic super detailed in both frequency ends. Got hold of a new production JJ 6386 tube listed in class 1 by the designer Jiun. This change lifted the dac up,to a much higher level. More 3d, more air even more music. This dac is the best ever in my system. Now looking for upgrades. If any.....

Update, 4-years later. Recent dacs tested and a few updates to share, fwiw.

MHDT Orchid, 2019:

Sold my lovely MHDT Labs Orchid DAC w/cap upgrades to a happy new owner. Went with all the tubes, GE, *5-Star, WE, Telsa, and more. Nice for a r2r chip dac.

  • Solid value, can sound nice with the right tube, warmup a must.
  • Upgrading the caps helps it some more. Great service from Juin.
  • Responsive to higher quality interconnects. Try a few.

Schiit Bifrost 2/64, 2023:

Have since tried the new Schiit Bifrost 2/64 dac with dual TI processors, NOS mode, and no tubes in the signal path, as desired. Extra Great Value for the $!

  • Smooth clean tone, texture, detail, layering.
  • Sound stage is there, w/NOS mode is a nice option.
  • Responsive to higher quality interconnects. Try a few.

BorderPatrol SE-I, 2023:

June 2023, custom ordered the new BP SE-I version dac in Black with the new Jupiter Beez Wax caps and new Choke design. Tube is NOT in the direct signal path. Using tube rectification for the Power Supply. Worth a serious look-see.

  • Weighty, its a heavy little well built hand made tank w/real iron inside!
  • IF hypersonic in-your-face-detail sizzle is your thing, look elsewhere.
  • IF massive sound stage, over-sampling is your thing, look elsewhere.
  • Yes, its a tad more laid back, and with the right speakers, very nice!
  • MIDRANGE, oh my gosh, think AudioNote type sound, presentation.
  • Smooth, tone, organic, texture, no etch, zero midrange glare, none.
  • Music listening sessions jumped from 2hrs max, to 6-8hrs, no sleep!