BorderPatrol SE

I am replacing by old / non-op Cal Icon with a new gen CD transport and DAC.

Taking a long look at the BorderPatrol SE at least to listen to in order to see if I like fur.

The transport is another issue.

Any recommendations?

I like my Cambridge Audio CXC transport very much.It operates smoothly and quietly,and it tracks very well.
I will second the Cambridge.  Simple unit that does its job well and is not expensive.
Read the reviews of the Audiolab CDT6000 on The Ear and Paul Rigby (The Audiophile Man) and audition both.
From what I was able to uncover - it seems like the  Cambridge Audio CXC transport is the best bet for my transport / BorderPatrol fur experiment.

Shortly a streaming provider seems likely to but not yet. 

Should have an opinion on what I heard with this attempt but as a wise sage once told me  - 'perceptions are only perceptions'.