Mapleshade Samson racks?

Hard to determine what forum to post this in, so I will do it here. Especially since vinyl is my primary source.

Anyone else own this rack and using it with a TT on top? I am buying a 3 shelf version with an extra 4" platform with Isoblocks for my Nott to sit upon. I am hoping to replace my Machina Dynamica Promethean with this setup.

Any opinions of this rack either with or w/o a vinyl rig?

I'm also interested since my sampson is on order. It will have a 4" solid maple top for the turntable. I spoke with Chris Brady at Teres Audio about this a few months ago and he thought solid wood was a good option.
I have been told (from people I believe) that maple is the best wood for a turntable base and 4" should be awesome. They are beautiful racks and I would like one myself. Please post your thoughts after you use it awhile.
I have the 3 shelf Sampson rack with the 4" maple shelf and isoblocks on top. The rack is the 26" x 19" size. It is very heavy and stable in my room. My floor is concrete and carpet. I have a VPI Aires II with the JMW 9 unipivot arm sitting on top of the rack. The tonearm literally sits on a pin, so it seems like it wouldn't take much to upset it. I have two little kids who like to scamper in my listening room and have never had a problem with footsteps, vibration, etc. Mapleshade's customer service was great, too. Go for it!
Mapleshade... are they still around? Lets see... I've call once leaving a message and e-mailed twice... Nobody has answered.
They are alive and well with no plans to fold or any reason to according to the representative I spoke with two days ago.
I haven't bought the Samson yet, but I can say that the maple(2 inch) plus footers made a huge difference to my Ariston rd110. I also only listen to analog.
I have 2 Sampson racks with 4 inch top shelves. On one top shelf sits my Michel GyroDec on 3 brass cones where the suspension springs used to be. I can strike the top shelf with my fist and there is no sound with the stylus resting on a stationary LP. The rack spikes dig directly into the hardwood floor.

I used Mapleshade cones and Isoblocks before this on an old teak stero rack. The Samsons improved things to the degree that the prior tweaks now seem like half measures.

A wonderful rack. I have a Basis Debut V Vacuum on mine.

Check out the the pictures on Audio Asylum under Mercman.


What's between your Debut & the top of the rack?? Love your Asylum moniker BTW.


Hi Scott,

I'm using Black Diamond Racing Source Shelves under my components.

Do any Samson owners have trouble with the shelves warping because of heat from components? I was wondering if tube amps on the bottom shelves may damage the shelves above them, for example.
Take a look at the thread under "Small circulating fan to cool amps". I haven't had a problem with my Samson rack to date - but want to take some preventative steps just to be on the safe side.