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Is this the END of DAYS for the high end CD player
I am reminded of a quote "audiophiles perfect what the mass market selects". Clearly the market is choosing downloads over discs. Like vinyl I'm sure it will have a dedicated following, but the average age of an audiophile seems to be increasing a... 
DIY speakers vertical array a la "pipedreams" syst
Fred, once again thanks for the advice, lots to take in but it all looks to be great "fun". Maybe the voight pipes from your site would be a good primer, but if I can find a suitable driver for open baffle that I can afford I will give it a try. E... 
DIY speakers vertical array a la "pipedreams" syst
Thanks Fred for all the info and advice! I've been scouring the diy forums and pages like yours trying to absorb as much as I can, kind of daunting sometimes. My goal is to be able to use a pair of Bottlehead amps or similar SET to drive whatever ... 
DIY speakers vertical array a la "pipedreams" syst This page has a lot of great info on open baffle and line array theory as does the Linkwitz page for anyone else interested in these designs. I think it would be a great project that hopefully woul... 
What time do you wear?
Cool thread, I always thought that watches would appeal to audiophiles, just like high end cameras and other pricey toys. As for me, Tag Heuer SeaMaster, so I'm ready for the yacht race but can't afford the yacht. 
DIY speakers vertical array a la "pipedreams" syst
Can anyone help me figure out how to send Fred an email at that page, I don't see the link. Thanks 
DIY speakers vertical array a la "pipedreams" syst
Thanks for the link, that does look great, I worry a little about my cabinet making abilities so I thought a open baffle design would be easier but I think it might be worth the extra effort. 
DIY speakers vertical array a la "pipedreams" syst
I'm wondering if you ever found any plans for a line source dipole. Or if you found it was a bad idea, I've been thinking of doing something similar. 
Where do you find new music?
I have found my local npr station, wdet for me here in Detroit, to be a great source for new music. They have a wide variety of material you don't hear on the normal stations. I ran a thread a few weeks ago with the same title, in case you want to... 
Your "DREAM" piece
I would love to wake up to a pair of the flagship Soundlabs in my room, maybe some Bat 150 monos and a Clearaudio Master Solution with ... oh wait, we're picking one peice aren't we. 
BAT solid state or tube?
Sorry for confusion, I prefered the 60 but switched because I wanted to use Magnepans and thought I needed some more grunt. I also have a new baby and was afraid of him grabbing a hot tube, the amp almost has to be on the ground due to size and we... 
Where do you find new music?
Thanks for the links. I also use Amazon and their suggested lists alot. I have been enjoying that Amos Lee release, and LaMontagne is on the list. Recently I heard "making plans for Nigel" by Nouvelle Vague and want the LP but it's a French import... 
BAT solid state or tube?
If this helps I have a VK200 currently, but owned the vk60 in the past. The tubes really are beautiful with voices and midrange. And it will keep your feet warm. 
Tubes for BAT vk3i
I will definitely look into the Amperex, and the room treatments as well. I didn't really care for the tweeter resistors on the maggies so if these other options work I will be very happy. 
I need a speakercable that bring voices forward me
Grisslehamn, do you kiss your children with that mouth?