Maggie 1.6 vs Von Schweikert VR 4

Currently running 1.6s w/out sub. Just curious, What would I be losing/gaining by switching to VS? I have my own opinions, but haven't heard a pair of VSs. I have just heard wonderful things about them. I love rock and roll, jazz, and vocals. Obviously, I am a Maggie fan, but I am missing the low bass on the 1.6s. Maybe a sub is the better option? I currently run:
Bryston 4BSST
DeHavilland Ultra Verve w/upgraded caps
Shanling CDT 100 w/ upgraded tubes - JPS digital ac
All remaining cords are Audience Au24s - Richard Gray
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It's funny how people get all caring about $5-$10k speakers being made in China , yet 90% of what they have comes from China including the computer they are typing the post on - bunch of hypocrites.

Where do the electonic components inside the Maggies come from???

It's so heroic to take such a bold stance, but in the end, do nothing about the kids in China while you live in luxury. You are so noble!
Part with the planars, test the waters. But you will be back, that's what I did. Once you go Planar, you never go back.
Sorry, but all of you are wrong. The ultimate speakers are not planars, and they are not point-source speakers (no matter how good they are). The ultimate speakers are very large line sources. Once you've lived with them for a few months, you can never go back.
The Maggies are very hard to beat, regardless of the cost. If you find a sub that will integrate with them you will come out ahead, you will have it made, at least in terms of cost perhaps. In my case I was all set to go with the Maggies 1.6, but then came across the VRjrs. They seemed to match the sense of air and sparkle and detail of the Maggies which I loved but could handle the low end better without the need for a sub. And could be driven with less power, in my system, a integrated 55 watt tube amp. The Vr's seemed a little more room friendly which may be a factor to consider as well.
i think the issue regarding china with other big ticket items, manufacturers should disclose information to the origin of parts and assembly. cars, major appliances, tv's,etc....high end companies that use 'built to spec' factories or one's who source components from china should be forthcoming to consumers. also wood products(i.e. speaker cabinets etc.