Living Voice Avatars VS Devore Super 8s

I've narrowed down my search to these two models. I'm unable to listen to these so its a tough decision, so I'm seeking advice from those that have heard them, preferably together and with tube gear. I'll be driving them with Shindo gear - Aurieges and Montille. Given that the amp is only 15 wpc the slightly higher efficiency of the Avatars (94 dB) vs the Devores (90 dB) may give it an edge. However, I've read that the Avatars need at least 18-20 watts to shine. Frequency response for the two are almost identical and both are well reviewed. Has anyone compared the two and what are your thoughts?
Your choices are identical to the ones I considered for my 30 watt, tube amps- Joule Stargates. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to hear/compare the Living Voice.
Luckily, I now have a pair of Devore 8s (not the Super).
The sound is very good. Crystal clear highs, no leaness, no harshness. Mids are also clear with voices which sound like people in the room full of emotions.
Some folks may find the bass absent, or not enough there. The bass is on the lean side, but, it is articulate. One can hear the notes. I prefer articulate bass over "full" lush bass. To my ear, what most folks call full bass is usually mushy, boomy and undefined. I'd rather have lean bass if it is tonal, rather than boomy. Just my preference.
Keep us posted. I am curious about the Living Voice.
I found a nice pair of LVs, but the seller doesn't have the boxes so he prefers not to ship, so the search goes on....
I used the Avatars for years and yes, Kevin the designer does recommend 18 to 20 watts. To qualify that, he says 18 for large scale orchestral music, but for solo singers, Jazz, chamber music, 8 to 10 is fine. I have'nt heard the Devore's. but changed my Avatars to Acoustic Zen Adagios, which are clearly better at the first listen. More neutral, better base and treble.
I have not heard the Avatars so can't compare them to the Devores. I own the Devore 8's, not the Super 8's, and drive them with a 15 watt triode tube amp. They're 88 dB, even less efficient than the Super 8's, but the 15 watts is plenty in an 11 x 17 listening space.

More power of the same quality is always good but I wouldn't be afraid of the 15 watt output unless you've got a large room to fill. I couldn't be happier with the Devore 8's, they're the best money I've ever spent on audio gear.
I believe that In Living Stereo in NYC has all three brands: Shindo, DeVore, and Living Voice. You might call them.