List Ultra Dynamic music for testing systems

In my years around the hi-end audio business, my biggest complaint with the vast majority of very hi-end audio gear has been that the dynamic ability has been the "down fall" of most more ambitious and refined speaker systems I've encountered! You play some heavy rock, techno, or other dynamically demanding material through most of these set up's and most often you'll find the sound is less than awe inspiring! That once beautiful sounding speaker, that sounded oh so clear, detailed, transparent and real through the same sysetm, now sounds weak, feable, un-dynamic, and pathetic on anything with "guts" played through it!!!
While there are some exceptions I've come across in the very hi-end, most dissapoint for the "hard stuff" sorry to say(the very reason I'm "a no go" with the likes of Maggies)
My question is, "can anyone recommend some music cd's that have tremendouns dynamics and authority, which will test the integrity of a system dynamically!?! I have found several dynamically challenging music cd's that I like to test sytems out with. If you are currious about what your system can do dynamically(not just deep bass, but mid/upper bass on up!!!!), I recommend the following "VERY DYNAMIC" music to "crank" through your system some time!:

"Absurd" (Fluke/techno)
"Mission Imposible,Gladiator,& Interview w/Vampire
"planet Drum" (Mickey Hart/new world)
"Metalica/Load & Van Halen/"me wise Magic"(rock/metal)
"Mystere" (Cirque de Soleil/new world)

Any other recommendations for very dynamic cuts/records???
I believe that
Praxis "Transmutation" has more dynamics than any of on your list.
You should also try Praxis "Metatron".

For more known artists how'bout Red Hod Chilli Pepers "Mother's Milk"?

Will the Maggies swing Beethoven sympnony 5?
Dafos - Micky Hart/Airto/Flora Purim
Stravinsky -Firebird w/ Los Angeles Symphony/Eric Leinsdorf on Sheffield Records
Respeghi - Church Windows - Reference Recordings
Vangelis - Soundtrack to Blade Runner
Try, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Braveheart, or Pink Floyd The Wall. All three can take your speakers apart for ya.
I agree with Sogood51, Frankie Goes To Hollywood Two Tribes is the definitive dynamic track for me. On my B&W 801N speakers this is the ultimate dynamic, stop you dead in your tracks, song.
My are choices are:

for CD'S

TOOL - ENIGMA (track 1 and 2)
ALICE IN CHAINS -UNPLUGGED (a little mild but very good)

for DVD-A

LINKEN PARK - RE ANIMATION (this one is very demanding)
METALLICA - BLACK (white nuckle ride)
Wilson Audio/ Center Stage/ Olympic Fanfare
Al DiMeola/ Kiss My Axe/ The Embrace
someone must mention the Telarc 1812 Overture digital cannons- knocked books off my daughters shelves
Foreverhifi, I couldn't agree with you more. Dynamic ability brings life to many recordings that are otherwise duds.
Both of these bands have albums with great dynamics and production, but these are amongst my favorites of theirs:

Soul Coughing - "Ruby Vroom", "Irresistible Bliss", "El Oso"
808 State - "Gorgeous", "EX:EL", "Don Solaris"