List of Floorstanders around $6500.00 NEW

Hey Guys,

I need a list of speakers worth auditioning in the $6500.00-7000.00 US range BRAND NEW.

Room size, music taste, and associated equipment would be a good thing to include. Otherwise people will have a tough time making suggestions.
room size could be 20x25 and larger. No associated equipment.

Music is diverse, almost everything.
I would look at the Spendor S8e if your room is not too large and do not require live playback levels. Use the leftover money for room treatments like ASC tube traps.

Good Luck!*>)
You might consider Vandersteen Quatros at $6995/pair + $595 for the required high-pass filters. They will work in any room with their 300 watt built-in active subwoofers which feature room compensation adjustments. They are a fantastic bargain!

I'll second the Vandersteen Quatros or for a different beat look at Magnepan 3.6's and use the rest of the saved money for some high watt amps to power them with.

I would include the Focus Audio 788 into the mix. They are 5500 - 6000 new I beleive. Incredibly beautiful cabinet work, imaging which can be breathtaking, Revelator tweeter...done right. I have heard some of the most dynamic and clear sound from these things that is just astounding. I have heard them at the last few Montreal audio shows and they are only 2 ways but out perform most 3 ways I have heard. Unless you have a huge room they are worth an audition. For two way speakers...they are bettered only by the Merlins IMO... but the Merlins will run you 8K+. Check em out.

Good listening
Try the Reimer Tetons at $5800.Rick builds a beauiful speaker.I own them and love them.-Kevin
I would add the Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signature System ($5500) to your audition list as well...

I second Tyler Linbrook Sig or Taylo Ref3 and it is a mystery to me why folks living in the US who have the possibility to simply return the Tyler within 20 days for a full refund (except shipping) do not systematically put these on their list. I am jealous, here is the plain truth! Not that Tyler speakers will fit the bill for everybody but owning these for 20 days is a must for benchmarking.
Silverline Sonata III, retail is $7200.
The total package at the price, for mine. Easy to drive too.