Linestage vs. Preamplifier....


I am wondering the difference between the two?  They seems to have quite a few similarities, however I am somewhat unclear as to why one is called the linestage and other preamplifier.  

Thank you all for your time and happy holidays!
A linestage has no phono preamp. A preamp may or may not have one. I'm sure there's a lot more to it but that's the simple answer.

 A preamp has a built in phono preamp. A line stage does not. You can (and is sometimes better) use a separate phone preamp with your line stage. You can choose a separate phono preamp that is an excellent fit for your phono cartridge.  

They are both preamplifiers. Linestage is the term used to describe a preamp without a phono section for the TT/cartridge. So the linestage only accepts line-level components such as CDP, tuner, streamer.
A phonostage (phono preamp) is a dedicated device that accepts the low-level gain of a TT/cartridge and then plugs into a linestage. Some preamps will have a built-in phonostage.