Less filling - great taste?

Any suggestions for speakers that are disgustingly small or smaller(less filling) but also sound and look good (great taste)? Some of the speakers I am thinking of are: Energy RC-Mini, NHT Absolute Zero, Totem Mite.

Does anyone have experience with any of these models?

Other suggestions in brands/models?

Thanks, TJ
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If you want a small floor stander, the Monitor Audio RS6 would fit the bill.
Hi TJ, Go to av123.com and check out the x-ls monitors.I believe $219 a pr new or 179 or so b-stock
Arcadia Audio is selling some NOS Rega Ara's for $325. Excellent speaker and it gets better with better equipment. Replaced the NHT SB2 as my small speaker of choice.


Had my first listen to Totem Arros and must say I was mighty impressed for the size of the diminutive floor stander.

Maybe not the bookshelf you are looking for but a small speaker that has a lot going for it.
I would add Devore Fidelity Gibbon 3 to your list. A tiny speaker that doesn't sound small.
Try the Ohm Micro Walsh or their Towers of Power. I own a pair of 100's MKIII and love them.

Monitor Audio Radius series, the R90 and R180, are small speakers made primarily for wall mounting in a home theatre set up. They come in a wood veneer or lacquer finish and are gorgeous. You have to see them live because brochure pictures don't do them justice.
The Soliloquy SAT 5 fits that description. They're beautifully made and sound outrageously good for their size. Easy to place, too, since they're not rear-ported.