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Technics SL1200 Cardas REWIRE Shielding
If you take the + & - wires for each side and twist them together evenly you'll create a shield. This is the theory used in twisted pair wiring. Additionally you'll want to verify theat the tonearm itself is properly gounded using the black or... 
Pick 2... Ohm WMT,ML Source,Zu Druid,Gallo Ref 3.1
For a room that small I'd reccomend the OHM's. When I was auditioning speakers a few years ago I listened to among others the Gallo's. Ended up with the OHM 100 M3. No comparison, the OHM's beat the Gallo's in every category. Using 150w & the ... 
Amps for Ohm Walsh 100S3
You're in for a rare treat! I also owne a pair of 100M3. Ohm's like current. Martykl is dead on on the power requirements. For less than 1K used, I'd be looking at Classe, Bryston, Music Fidelity, in the less than 150 W/chnl range. There's plenty ... 
Shahinian and Ohm
I have owned a set of 100 M3 (in M2 cabinets) for 2 1/2 years. In a smalish room 60w RMS is "adequate". They like current, clean of course. I would like to double that. Their rated for 150 max.\They sound wonderful! 
Vinyl albums 
Why is some vinyl noisy?
Vinyl has ALWAYS been a crap shoot. There are no gaurantees especially when acquiring used media. You don't know what kind of equipment was used, allignment issues, cleaning issues, etc. I'm always amazed when I play stuff that even after cleaning... 
New Ohm Walsh 3000
As they were just anounced today I seriously doubt anyone other than Ohm employees have heard them. 
It's 2008, what speakers deserve recognition.
My vote is for the Ohm Wals M3's. I own the 100's and ame continually impressed. 
A few more Ohm questions
Your best bet is to Call John. When I bought mine 2 1/2 years ago he was extemley helpful and patient with the most inane questions. I haven't heard their other current products so I can't comment there.You can get them fitted with almost any vene... 
Help me get back to vinyl
Cartridge: AT120e/t $80Phono Pre Amp: Cambridge 640P $180Rega belt: $15?Clean & Dust turntable. Motor runs?, Arm moves freeley with no play?Install and align cartridge.ENJOY THE MUSIC! 
Gallos how good are they?
Second Mapman's assesment. I listned to the Gallos 2 years ago and chose the Ohm 100's M3. After living with them for 2 yrs, they sound to my ears better than the Gallo's at 1/2 the cost. They provide a very large detailed soundstage but not pinpo... 
Best U.S.A. speakers?
Ohm Acoustics 
If money is not a problem
I'd hire some musicians! Live is better than recorded any day. 
Most popular TT upgrades: skeptical but curious...
Hhmmmm, upgrade to a P3 you say. FWIW I have no personal experience with the deck however I've been reading about TT upgrades for a few years and this is my take. There is quite alot written on the subject both here and on other forums. There have... 
Technics SL1200/1210 owners - which mat?
I switched to the heavy mat from KAB for better control of VTA. No bass issues, no resonance, no ringing.