Legacy Focus plug rear ports?

I've acquired a pair of huge Legacy Focus speakers with three 12 inch woofers per speaker and oh my is there a lot of bass!  This bass is a bit boomy closer to the rear wall but that's my optimal placement aesthetically in our living room.  I wonder if anyone has tried plugging the rear ports. I will also use Anthem ARC to attenuate the modes of the room but any other advice is appreciated.

If you want to know my opinion of this speaker, I love it.. It truly has weight to the sound.  Very open with excellent midrange... But that bass does need to be considered making placement very important. 


I once owned the Legacy Focus. It is a very dynamic speaker.

Usually when a speaker is rear ported it is better not to place it too close to the back wall. Perhaps experiment, move them out 2 feet or more to find that bass sound you want. Then place the Focus feet on some type of gliders that will allow you to move them back and forth when done using them.

You can try plugging the port holes, but I don’t think you will like the sound.


Anyone else tried plugging the ports in the back?  I know a lot of rear ported speakers come with foam plugs. Yes I could try it, but lugging them upstairs will be quite a task so I'd like to hear some opinions before making this move.

Also, while it might "sound fine" initially, I wondered if I'm doing anything sinful and detrimental to the overall engineering of the speaker... or is it just a matter of taste?  

I make speakers that have multiple pluggable rear-facing ports, so imo plugging ports is a viable means of improving loudspeaker/room interaction in the bass region.

Plugging some of the ports will lower the port tuning frequency, causing the low end to start rolling off higher up, but the rolloff will be more gradual, so in a situation like yours this is imo well worth trying. And you don’t necessarily need to plug the same number of ports on each speaker: If one of them is in or near a corner, and the other is well away from its nearest corner, you might want to plug more ports on the one nearest its corner.

Plugging all of the ports results in a sealed box (duh!), and usually a non-optimum one, BUT if you’re getting excessive boundary reinforcement and/or using a high-output-impedance tube amp, this may give the best results.