How sad that another great Jazz player has been lost to the corona virus! Recently Wallace Roney also was taken! And all because of people halfway around the world eating bats!

92 years old? What a very long and productive life he had. I really enjoyed his approach to playing the alto saxophone. Fortunately his music lives on. R.I.P. Lee Konitz.


I have been a great admirer of "Lee Konitz" for ages, this is reflected in my posts on "Jazz For Aficionados"; he will be greatly missed, we can be thankful that he worked up until the end and gave us so much of his talent.

Lee recorded with all of the greats of his time as is displayed in his discography;

Here's one of my favorites;

There are many more, but I will leave them for others to post.

I like to think that him and Miles are jammin in that big band above that's getting increasingly larger by the day.

This is an album I bought when I was into "west Coast" jazz; it's one of the styles in which Lee excelled at; this was so uniquely different from "East Coast".



He had a long run and it was all good.
Very sorry for the loss.

I didn't' have my glasses on this morning, and I read "Lenny Kravitz dead at 92" and I thought, "wow he didn't look his age..."
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