Lampizator Gulfstream matching DAC?

I just aquarrie Lampizator Gulfstream and would like opinion. Should I stay with Lampizator and buy Baltic 4 DAC or any other DAC. Right now playing thru Anthem AVM70 procesor and power amplifier using Quobuz and Roon. Any other DACs to consider? Thank You.


I don't have a Gulfstream but I have owned two Lampizator DACs and they are wonderful.  Check out What's Best Forum for the many comments on Lampizator and Baltic 4.  

I just took a look at a couple reviews. There can be synergy in using two adjacent components from the same company (when they are good). I have a tube DAC as well… mine is ARC… but I would definitely go for the Lampizator. Sounds like a great DAC.

Baltic 4 is a great DAC.  I have a DAVE by Chord.  Do you want a tube DAC?  

Probably no bad choices in this price range.