Lampizator Amber 3 DAC versus Primaluna EVO 100 DAC

Curious if anyone has listened to both of these units.  Single ended with no volume control, they're basically the same price ($2750 for Lampizator and $2999 for the Primaluna).  I've seen outstanding reviews for both, but haven't been able to audition either. Any idea how they differ in SQ?

Anyone care to compare either of these to the Cambridge Audio 851N (My current streamer/DAC).
 I'm also interested in any comparisons anyone can make between these two pieces and any of the other Usual Suspects around these price points and below ( MHDT orchid, Tubador, Yggy).
It appears not many have heard these units. I'm starting to lean towards the Lampi, simply because the tube clock in the EVO 100 is hard wired to the printed circuit board. Makes me worry about the cost of replacing that tiny tube.  Or is that just silly?
I would be interested in hearing both also.  The Primaluna looks very interesting.
I have not heard the EVO 100 but I just bought a used LampizatOr Amber, the original model, and if Amber 3 is an improved version of the original Amber, then you're in for a treat. It has a lush and engaging midrange without trading of any detail on both ends of the sound spectrum. I don't know how true to source it sounds but it definitely has less glare around horn instruments and cymbals and vocals are very well defined. Someone mentioned MHDT Orchid, and I tried a friend's unit in my system and it sounded great, perhaps a more balanced sound compared to the Amber, but for Jazz and vocals, especially at lower listening volumes,  I still find the sound from Amber has more presence. Some may call this "colored", just like the sound from most tube preamp/amps, which I have, but I find it very pleasant to my ears.    
 Still asking about these DACs, also the Tubadour. If you were gifted one, which of the 3 would you want & why?
The Lampizator and Primaluna both look to be great tube DAC designs. Not to derail this thread, but if you're researching tubed DACs add the Musical Paradise MP-D2 to the list. It offers a ton of flexibility with the option to swap tubes, caps, and even DAC chips.
I'm beginning to think I'll never make a decision. I can't audition any of these, and it seems none of our Audiogon members have first hand knowledge of them either.
Lampizator has been doing his/their thing for DACs many many years and are now seasoned and matured music making machines. And with trickledown aspects from $18k and $30k units, you cant go wrong. 

Audio Circle has a forum section on Lampizator . You could check that out for feedback on the Amber 3.  I believe the North American distributor for Lampizator offers a 14 day trial period also.

There is a Primaluna owners Facebook page. Might be able to to receive some feedback on the EVO 100 , but it is a very new product. Might have to wait to hear any feedback from any owners.  Primaluna has had a couple different tubes CD players in production over the years. Feed back from these units might help give you an ideal on what to expect with their new DAC.  

What are the closest dealers for Lampizator and Primaluna to you?  Might be worth taking a long weekend road trip to audition in person and compare with your current  Cambridge Audio 851N.

I am currently running a Lampizator Amber 3 in my system and am fully satisfied with its lifelike, holographic sound. It competes with many DACs I've had from PS Audio, Metrum, Sonnet, and on and on.

I have not heard the PrimaLuna model but it may be important to note that measurements in the current review in Hi-Fi News show just about the highest distortion of any DAC ever tested (by a factor of 10!). Admittedly, I’ve been looking at measurements for more expensive tube DACs like the BAT Rex 3 and Audio Research DAC 9, but the difference in distortion is staggering.

Importantly, the output impedance for the PrimaLuna is also ridiculously high for a source, and suggests that long cable runs, cables with high capacitance, or use with a passive preamp may really be inadvisable.
This said, I have heard lots of gear that measures poorly but sounds great, and I do not know how the Lampizator Amber 3 measures in these regards, but I am bowled over by the sound. I do know that the Lampizator Amber 2 had a specified output impedance of 180 ohms, which is excellent, whereas the Prima Luna is a whopping 2.34-12.2kohm.
I have enjoyed a PrimaLuna integrated in my system years ago, but it’s fair to say its measurements were more in line with competing standards. Not sure why their DAC exhibits such an anomaly when other tube DACs can be engineered for broader system compatibility.
Just putting this out there.
Thanks for the feedback. I still haven't heard the Primaluna, but have stopped looking as I settled on a used Lampizator Golden Atlantic.  Love it and try to listen to something new every day.
I have a new Lampizator Amber 3 and agree regarding the life like holographic sound. Really really wonderful.