Kudos Cerious Technologies Customer Service

I recently bought a second pair of Cerious Tech's Nano Reference interconnect after really loving the first cable Bob Grost sold me through Audiogon. After receiving the cable however I realized the Cardas connector Bob was using did not fit the oversized output jacks on my new preamp. I emailed Bob about reterminating with alternate connectors and got an immediate response. We settled on WBT connectors and I sent the cables off to him. Cables returned about 1 1/2 weeks later and the cost including shipping a whopping $30. Amazing customer service and I highly recommend Bob's cables particularly if you live in a high noise environment like I do.
Bob's cables and service are both exceptional. When he is offering his cables at special pricing like he has done on Audiogon their value is off the charts! I use both his Nano Reference power cables and XLR interconnects and find them to outperform many much more expensive options. Highly recommended!
Good to hear about your positive response from Bob. His CT cables are a real deal for what is out there in that price range. I have a set of his interconnects, speaker cables, and 2 power cords. While I wouldn't say that they are the best that I've heard, they do compete very well, for a lot less $$$.
I agree, Bob is a very knowledgable and likeable designer / manufacturer. I've always liked his products and dealing with him.
I also agree that you definitely get your moneys worth.
Bought a Nano Reference power cable that is still breaking in.Very pleased with the results I am experiencing.
The bonus is that Bob is very helpful and a pleasure to talk to. A hard combination to beat.