Kondo Neiro

I went to have my cartridge and turntable inspected today and drop off a noisy Audio Note Conqueror amp. While I was waiting for the table to be done I had the opportunity to listen to a new Kondo Neiro integrated amplifier; source was the Levinson reference CD transport and the DAC an Audio Note DAC 5 Special Edition. Speakers are Audio Note ANE (top of the line, all silver) and all interconnects are Kondo.

Without spending too much time I can only say I was blown away when listening to a John Renbourn/Stefan Grossman CD and then some Beethooven string quintets. The sound was very, very dynamic, crystal clear, and made me stop reading and start listening. The Neiro carries a 40k retail price tag so that took some of the lustre off of the experience.

But, when I got home and cranked on my system it sounded kind of lifeless in comparison. Kinda like test driving that Ferrari and going back home to the Fiat.

I think I will start saving my pennies waiting for a genuine Kondo amplifier to come up on the used market like a Shinri or an Ongaku. Kondo San is not getting any younger and I would venture that his products that he built personally might become collectable upon his demise. At least, they will hold their value better than most of this stuff.

Everybody should listen to a system like this at least once.
I heard the original (made in 1991) KONDO ONGAKU 2 years ago and it was the best 20 minutes of my life.

The dynamic was beyond my expectation.

Kondo is the Godfather !!!
Remember you heard a complete system. The speakers were adding more than you think as well as the DAC.
Khaki8 is correct. While my AN kit is a little farter down the line, matching the components is essential. WHen I switch from my AN speakers to the Legacy's (which cost twice what the AN's cost}, the sound loses the punch, clarity, and speed I'm used to.

I too want to move up the AN ladder. For now, I just bought a Supratek Syrah and I'll use the Soro SE Phono just for power. This way I can eliminate the step up on a system biased toward vinyl. As soon as I can afford it, better AN gear will be in the system. One day, Kondo....
One day when I get a larger listening room the Audio Note AN K/L speakers are going back in their boxes for backup duty and a pair of higher level AN/J speakers will replace them (I like the J models better than the E models and place them away from the walls ideally).

I suppose this sort of thing never ends.
Io sono un felice possessore dell ongaku neiro, e vi posso dire che,in accoppiata con l m7 line,e un vero e proprio spettacolo della musica....