Kef 207/2 ---Kef Blades

Hoping to get some ideas on switching out my Kef 207/2's in gloss cherry to the big Blades.   The other half does not like the look of the of style  of the 207/2.  He thinks the Blades work with the tv set up but only interested in appearance.  I have listened to the Blades and I'm  impressed.  
Sandy we had both speakers on display first the 207 and then the Blades.

The Blades offer far greater transparency, a much bigger sound stage and even deeper bass.

The Blades are awesome and represent a fantastic value for a true reference speaker.

We would also recommend that you may also want to consider the new Paradigm Persona 9H which is in the same price range, as the Blades has an even more holographic sound stage and is even more transparent. 

The nice thing is the Persona is a bit more conventional looking compared to the Blades and in addition has active bass with room correction which ensures the speakers will work in almost any size room.

The Personas are also a relatively compact and slim set of speakers, so there more conventional look might work for you both.

If you are on the East coast we have both the Kef Blades and the Paradigm Personas on display.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

thanks for the post, hard to believe it can get better than the 207/2 and I wonder if comparable electronics will yield the same results? 
The Blades are awesome. I can only compare the Blades with the new KEF Reference line (the most expensive and least expensive models) and I find that the Reference line is very good but the Blades just disappear from the soundstage. That is the most important thing a speaker must do for me. The Blades seem to do that better than any other speaker I have heard.

If you have Blades in or near Santa Barbara I'd love to hear them.  We're at 969-4310,  I have KEF Reference 107/2s, and from reviews think Blades may be an appropriate replacement, but I haven't actually heard them.