KEF 104/2 vs B&W CDM 7 SE

Anyone  heard both or either of these? I own the B&W's and really like them for relaxed listening. They sound decent with great stereo imaging and provide a nice clean sound. My other speakers are Cerwin Vega e310's That are okay for really cranking some rock music and some clips f30 synergies which sound a little harsh to me. 

Been trying to buy some kef q950s on marketplace but it's been a week now but the guy will not get back with me. I ran across a ad for some k e f 104/2 At what I thought was a decent price and they seem to have some pretty decent reviews.

Looking for opinions on both speakers, weaknesses and strengths. 



I used 104/2s for several years then replaced them with 107/2s for a major upgrade in sound.  The 107/2s are also handsome.  Make sure you get a matching KUBE.  I'm using KEF Reference 1s now, augmented by a pair of Velodyne HGS-15s with SMS-1 acoustic room correction.  I replaced the 107/2s because I didn't want to insert the active KUBE between Ayre preamp and amp, perhaps foolishly.


104/2 and Q950 are not made by same cloth. Ther former was in their reference line while the later is a good looking and more economic speaker with an easy going sound (if you want that).

But as you discovered work has to be done to resurrect the 104/2 while the Q950 could most likely be trouble free.


I realize this is an old thread.  That said - I can offer this experience on the KEF 104.2...

1) Rebuilding this speaker is something frequently done - you probably are aware of Youtube videos on the subject

2) The key to using this speaker is to supply power from a quality amplifier.  I have my connected to Parasound JC1 Mono Amps (woofer units only) and a Parasound Integrated (tweeter and mids only)

The end result is that I have sound that surpasses many systems at local HiFi dealers at under the 20K price level.  The soundstage is remarkable.  The bass is all I could ask for without adding subs (nothing I plan to do).  The mids really shine on female vocals.

On the whole the speaker, when powered correctly, offers a warm open sound.  If there is a negative is the lack of highs from a newer model tweeter - but that's usually something I try and avoid as I find them all too bright.

I am so pleased with these speakers that I own two sets.


Best of luck with your HiFi decisions.