Jolida JD100...giant killer or all hype?

Ok guys, I am going to make an hour drive friday night to pick up one of these at my local dealer. Having read all the feedback here and at AA, it sounds as though this is THE cdp to own under 2K. Seeing as how vinyl is my primary software of choice, I am not looking for the digital holy grail. Just something that will better my soon to be gone Theta Data Basic II/Audionote DAC 1.1 combo. Any thoughts?

I have the Jolida JD100 and now have the Naim CD5i, and prefer the Naim. It's more than the Jolida, but within your 2K budget. It also now has RCA outs so it's easier to fit into systems. It's a warm, dynamic, detailed player. The Jolida is great too, but my preference is for the Naim.

I second Beavis' comments above, but also see if you can find some 5751 triple black mica tubes for it, or something better than the stock tubes. You can not be too picky here cause lots of the 5751 NOS tubes are hard to find.

The JD100 is easy to listen to, but I am not sure it will be an improvement over the audio note dac. I have had the JD100 for about a year and have had a Scott Nixon tube dac+ for about a month. The tube dac+ has a fair bit in common with the audio note dac in terms of minimalist design philosophy. I personally much prefer the tube dac+ over the Jolida- it just sounds more right to me, and feels closer to vinyl in many ways. I have tried quite a few tubes in the JD100, and appreciate its smoothness and soundstaging, but I have never been satisfied with its speed or timing- "PRAT"- always seemed like something important was missing- I aggree with the post above that a Naim might be a better bet if vinyl is the reference.
I think the Jolida JD100 is priced exactly as it should be. I think the player fits in perfectly there.

The giant killer is the Music Hall MMF25. I heard both the Jolida and the Cambridge C640 today at separate friends' homes, and have to say the Music Hall beats them both. While I have a player that retails for 5X the Music Hall's price, it isn't that much better than the Music Hall I also own.
Right out of the box with about 50 hours on it (dealer demo unit) it sounded pretty good. Lots of air and extension and excellent bass. The midrange was a little thin however, so I yanked out the Sovteks and put in some RCA Cleartops. Better, but still not as fleshed out in the mids as the Theta/AN combo. I have let it run since Sunday continously and will revisit it in the next couple of days. It definitely has some real potential, so I am hoping that the extra break in time will get me there.

The Jolida is the real deal. 1) Get rid of the stock 12AX7 tubes and go for NOS Sylvania JHS 5751WA Gold Label triple mica blackplates (last pairs on Audiogon went for 150/pr - pricey but wait to you hear the sound, and I've rolled plenty of tubes including the GE triple micas). 2) Get a Chris VenHaus cryoed Flavor 1 PC, and throw the stock PC away. 3) Get rid of the stock tube dampers and get some Herbie Hal-O 9 tube dampers. 4) Burn the unit in for about 100-200 hours. 5) Enjoy the music. Use liberally for a great time.
I am running the JD-100A w/ the level 2 modification from parts connexion(via Underwood)using a Cary SlI-80 integrated amp. The Jolida benefited greatly by changing to the Sylvania AX7 tubes (1966 vintage). Very impressive for the $ and compares with best I've heard on any system.
Ozzy try the Tsunami pc, I heard the JD100 with it,
the soundstage is use, very musical combination.
Sorry I accidentally, push the submit,What I am trying to say is huge soundstage.Thanks
After a week of 24/7 burn in the Jolida is sounding very nice indeed. I listened exclusively to seedees yesterday for several hours. That is no small feat for me. It's usually an appetizer of a disc or two before moving on to vinyl. For digital, the JD 100 sounds pretty darn good.

Ozzy62, I am interested in purchasing one of these. Where did you purchase it? Price? Is it a stock or modded version? Thanks.
I purchased mine from Larry Gibson at Down to Earth Audio in Salem, Va. He is a great guy to deal with. I won't say what I paid, but it is a good deal. I had to pay sales tax, but you would probably avoid that, making it an even better deal.

Mine is stock. I replaced the tubes with some RCAs, but I have a pair of the Electro Harmonix 12AX7s on the way. I am using a Sonoran PC too.