Jays CDT2-MK3 arrived

23 days from order date to my home.  Stuck in japan for 12 days, Memphis for 5, some place in China I wont attempt to spell for 5.  FedEx all the way, but lots of delays.  This transport weighs 33 lbs.  Case solid thick aluminum.  The inside pics look like something in a esoteric lab.  Internal wiring is routed and secured to several places in the chassis.  High end boards, capacitors.  But here are the initial results and very preliminary.  Powered up and left on for 4 hours to bring up to temp.  First disk Doobie Brothers Toulouse Street.  I have listened to this disc too many times to count.  So what did I hear different from the jump?  More dynamic range, bass line improved definition and better transients.  Cymbals and high hats are more defined, I can hear the brush slide on the cymbals.  But the biggest change I have noticed after an hour of play, is the the depth and placement of stage and vocals.  It’s almost like I have a new format of super hi Rez music recorded in an open stage.. During the melodies and harmonies of the singers, I can better resolve the individual singers and their placement.  So far greatly exceeds my expectations.  Jays says  to expect continuing improvement until fully broken in at around 400 hours.  Associated gear is Schiit Yggdrasil connected via AEB.  Prima Luna preamp, Carver Crimson 275 amp,  Goldenear Triton References, M&K  V12 125 sub and a Klipsch 15” reference sub.  
It's great to hear the improvements you've wrought from a better transport. People should never fall for the notion that any CD mechanism is good enough. 

All the best,
I have the same transport.  It is phenomenal.  Built like a tank.  Great clarity, imaging and image solidity.  Love it.