P.W.B. samples have arrived

PWB graciously sent me samples of their Cream Electret and Rainbow Electret Foil today, just two of the many products they sell.  Tomorrow I will try them in my system.  I ask those that are experienced with these products to help me anticipate the SQ improvements that I might be hearing with them.   Thanks. 
Don't you trust your own ears?  Need to borrow a pair?

Couldn't resist the urge to announce your proactive move,
and backpedal for safety?
Why would you want the "power of suggestion" affecting your own hearing?

Shouldnt one go in without anything, and just listen? Perhaps then, ask other what their experience was?
I would encourage you to follow the instructions, as these products might not be what you imagine them to be. For example, use very small amounts of the cream, just a smidgen. For a cable only one inch of the cable need be treated. A little goes a long way, one molecule thick is all that’s needed. For a CD a spot the size of a dime will suffice. For the foil on a CD the foil should be placed over the COMPACT AUDIO DISC logo, another good place is over the record label name, e.g., RCA, Blue Note, MCA.
Without wishing to upstage PWB, here are a few good places to start. All glass windows and sliding doors, any glass, should have a little super-thin dime size Cream Electret rubbed on, same with all steel and wood objects, including chassis of electronics, wood panels of speakers, bookshelves, books, records, lamp cords, all power cords including TV, etc. some good places for silver rainbow foils - all book BARCODES, CD jewel case barcodes, any and all barcodes, one foil on the refrigerator, one on stove. The foils can be cut 1/8” wide each. So that’s enough to treat a lot of things.