Is Goertz still the choice for Magnepan?

I was inspired by the thread "Goertz still the choice with Vandersteen" and decided to start this one. In the past, it seemed that Goertz speaker cables were pretty popular with Maggies. Is that still the case? Has anyone gone from Goertz to something else with their Maggies and not regret it? What other moderately priced cables should today's Magnepan owners consider?
I did not realize that Goertz was such a good match with Maggies, but I'm
always open to learn more.
I had a great experience with JPS Labs speaker cables, spicifically the Super
What type of dollar figure are you talking about when you say moderately
Just curious what interconnects and speaker cables do you currently use?
My idea of moderately priced would be something along the lines of Goertz MI2 or 3, Kimber 8TC, or the JPS Labs you mentioned (about $500-$600 for an 8' pair). Right now I'm using cross-connected Belden 89259 cables, but at only 13 awg, I wonder if they're too small. My ICs are all custom made (twisted pairs of copper with foamed Teflon insulation) with the exception of the IC between the preamp and the amp, which is a ~25' run of MIT T2.
I have some Goertz Pythons in a 10 ft. length that I'm looking to sell. Ping me off list if interested...
I had 4 pr Maggies, best non-fortune SC's I heard were Analysis Plus Oval 9's. Oval 12's work well also.
Harmonically richer, more coherent, better soundstage and bass .Things Maggies need.
Schubert, good info which is much appreciated, but I actually meant what cables did the Analysis Plus cables beat. Sorry, I should have been more clear!
I have used a pair of 10' Kimber 8TCs for years on 2 different pairs of Maggies, MMGs and 1.7s. I am very happy with the sound of my system. My amp is a Mac MC275 version V.

Best, Fred
I find old Cardas cables work best for Maggies.

Warm midrange, 3D imaging, details come through.

Long break in time is a draw back.

George Cardas used Maggies as his reference back then.

Golden Cross is best, but expensive.

Quadlink 5C gives the best bang for buck, with Cardas sound.

Ketchup,Morrow SP4, Goert M2,Audio Art SC-5, MI CVT-2 + Avt 2,Groenburg, DNM, ZU Mission + Libtec , Mapleshade and a dozen more I disremember .
used Goetz M2 for a few years on my 3.6's but found Auditorium 23 is much better for speaker cable