Is Audiogon still struggling?

I see no new equipment listings in the last 24 hours. Same as yesterday? What gives?

Perhaps, due to the Pandemic, people are focused on more important things.
Though they may be spending more time at home and just listening to music.šŸ˜Š
I have sold several items on Audiogon over the last 15 years. Five years ago I had a very bad experience where by the buyer just turned out to be a liar (tire kicker) and as a result I lost a $3000 Martin Logan Sub. Bottom line is that no matter what you say in your AD, as a seller, Paypal and Visa protect the money, So, all the buyer has to do is return the item and they get there money back, its a real eye opener as a seller. This left me with a real bad feeling about selling anything in the future and as a result I havent. I am positive that others feel the same.

Matt M
@mattmillerĀ couldnt agree more. Never will I sell on Agon. Seller has no recourse.
It is a great world we live in. Most are decent folks but there are enough a-- h---s out there to ruin just about everything. Have we changed any in 200,000 years? I think not.