InnuOS Sense 2.6.0.

The update contains a major upgrade to Sound quality. My Zenith Mk3 sings like never before. Any similar experiences?


I'm just thrilled with the expanded Volume Slider...twice as long, at least!!  Allows for a finer adjustment in volume.  Thank you, Innuos.

Just updated my Statement, needed both 2.5 and 2.6…wow, Holy smokes…very nice improvement. Lower noise floor, better instrument separation and sonic density. Very enjoyable and noticeable.

time for more listening….

OP: thanks for posting. I had no idea. Doing the update now.

What is “Tidal Max” they mention in release notes?

I’m running a Node 130 with an external LPS.  Have any of you switched from a Node to an Innuos and what are your thoughts?