Inexpensive DAC: Schiit Modi 3 or Topping D30

Any reason to prefer one over the other for use while my Ayre Codex is away for repair?  Source is USB from an ultraRendu (Roon endpoint); output from the DAC to an Ayre A7e integrated.
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both are ok.  if its just temporary who cares?  differences would be trivial
I personally love the sound of the Modi 3.
There is just something very enjoyable and relaxing about it’s presentation.  I like the sound of the AKM 4490 DAC chip and this implementation just nailed it IMHO. 
Interesting quote from a Hegel engineer regarding this same chip

In their H120 integrated -

  “We have fitted an AKM AK4490 because we think this company makes the best sounding DAC chips – no more, no less. It’s true that they can be a bit more difficult to implement than ESS for example, but the ceiling of performance is so much higher…”

Of course YMMV.
+1 for Topping E30 - it bests D30 in measurements and costs only $30 more. It also has remote, volume control mode or DAC-only mode (fixed volume), input-sensing auto on/off. D30 uses Cirrus chip, where E30 uses AK4493 (better chipset) - as @djones51 said above.

All this makes it more usable for other purposes (computer desk, office, etc) when your units comes back from repair. 
I had a Topping D90 - which gets fantastic test measurements and uses the latest AK4499 chip. However I didn’t like the sound in my system so I sent it back. I suspect the Modi 3 will sound nicer than the Topping E30, whatever chip they are using, based on better implementation by Schiit.
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Schiit modi 3 uses the AK4490 which is a good chip not sure how much design went into a $99 DAC . I doubt in a blind test a difference could be heard between the two DAC just get the cheaper one with the features you need, inputs etc..
For me, the Modi 3 was an easy decision. The AKM AK4490 DAC chip plus DC-coupled provides the sound I was looking for. Actually preferred it over others costing considerably more. There really seems to be something special about AKM's "Velvet Sound" technology.
Hi Dpb,

I was lured in by the e30, particularly the measurements, but was disappointed with its sound, a bit harsh with high frequencies. Reminded me a little of the impression I had of the "cd sound" when it first came out in the 80s.

Oh and the customer service with Chinese product and their fake middleman is unbelievably atrocious.