In a speaker crossover, are film inductors directional or have polarity?

Tried asking this in the speaker forum, no responce. Thought I'd try my question here......In a crossover are film inductors directional? Are there general principals to what should connect to inner foil vs outer in regards to the flow of electrons? Would it matter if both speakers were connected in reverse to each other, ie inner foil to outer and outer foil to inner??


As a general rule of thumb, speaker x-overs don't have polarity. Are we speaking about active or passive x-over?


I think you mean film capacitors.  While they usually aren't directional, often it is seen as better to hook one end to positive.  they are usually marked by a long lead or a mark established by the OEM. 


     As mentioned: you must be referring to film capacitors, as there are no film inductors.

    You’ll find your answer here:

     There are FOIL inductors, to which you may be referring.     Their orientation makes no difference, far as noise or inductance value.


If you're referring to foil inductors, then they do not have polarity.  You can hook up either way it should be fine.