If you have ever owned a B&O turntable, was it any good? Or was it trash?

If you have ever owned a B&O turntable, was it any good? Or was it trash?
Their turntables and cartridges hold a higher esteem than their amps/receivers/cassette players.

I have one in my collection (8004?). It uses a B&O moving-iron cartridge - which Sound Smith has copied. Linear track with excellent SQ!
Actually, they were not bad at all. The audiophile community did not take them seriously because your choice of cartridge was limited. 
Plus the turntable was a bit too beautiful looking and elegant for diehard audiophiles in its day. The TOTL B&O cartridges that were sold with the tt are certainly NOT lo-fi. I rank my MMC1 as fantastic among ~ 15-20 cartridges I own. It is no accident that a connoisseur like Peter Ledermann chose the B&O  moving iron design style on which to model his entire line of cartridges.
They are excellent.  They have pretty sophisticated engineering that has gone into them.  I would say it would cost a lot of money to buy  one of them today if they were still in production.  The only downside is there are no replacement styluses, or cartridges for them.  I guess Soundsmith does something but thats about it.  if you were smart, you stocked up on them years ago so when a stylus wore out, you had a backup turntable. or turntables. lol  Not sure you could do that now.
yeah. I have been using my B&O beogram TX lately, it sounds awesome! has a MMC2 cartridge.
tzh, Soundsmith make replacement cartridges that plug right in to the Beogram tonearm, last I looked. If not, they can at least repair any B&O cartridge.
The cartridges are excellent MI types - just like Grado! In fact the Sound Smith cartridges are copies of B&O's! At expensive prices!