I want to find these specific knobs

hi there.  I have a Croft Acoustics integrated, and I'm trying to find some specific knobs to replace mine, and the particular knobs I'd like are featured right on the home page of Croft's website.  it looks like he used to use these chrome knobs with a 'dot' indicator on his amps before he switched to these brushed aluminum knobs. 

it's almost embarrassing to say, but I'm having trouble finding anything that looks like those.  any tips?  I wrote Croft about it but never heard back. 

Thanks a lot. 
I would bite the bullet and give Croft a call. I’m pretty sure that these are custom knobs and will be next to impossible to purchase outside Croft. You could also contact a Croft retailler/distributor to see if they could be of any help.
 @noromance  sure, black would do. Do you have a line on some?

@imhififan that link was dead when I tried it.

@dasign could be, yeah. I might try calling Croft.