I think I need an audio repeater - need simplicity

About to install a high-end audio system in my office. Problem is it will be behind a structural part of the office where there won't be any direct line of sight to where I will be sitting. Components include a Melody integrated SET, magnum Dynalab 108T triode tuner and the new Oppo 105 when it comes out. Each has its own dedicated remote. I've checked so-called IR universal remotes, but they don't have the codes for my gear. I know Niles makes a few of these, but seems like brain damage to hook up to components that don't provide for this, like the Melody. Any help appreciated.
Did you check the Logitech Harmony database? If they don't have it, they will supposedly add new components to their database by request. You should contact them. If that fails, most universal remotes can "learn" your IR codes from your proprietary remote, although it takes more effort to set up.
Thanks for the response. That was the first place I checked - they didn't have Magnum Dynalab, so I didn't even bother checking Melody or Oppo. Very frustrating - don't want to have to re-invent the wheel. Surely there exists a workable simple solution that others have found?
I use a Harmony 1100 and also installed one at my sisters with the rf transmitter because all her equipment is hidden in an enclosure. The Harmony downloaded from the online database everything except for one piece. Using the remote from that item it was a very simple process to teach the harmony everything it needed to control it and it works very well. Highly recommended.
A universal remote will probably work for you. For the Oppo, find out who makes the transport and use those codes. For the rest of the system, a learning remote should work. By using the learning function, you will not have to enter codes.
Good advice - thanks. The RF functionality is what I need and I believe the 900 can also learn from other remotes. I did finally find the MD and Oppo listed on the Harmony site.

Drrsutliff - did you have to attach anything to your sister's gear or was everything wireless? Thanks.
You can get the Universal RFS200 that does RF that you can get for 70 bucks. It's a full learning remote so will learn any component it doesn't already have, and it's built to last (I've been using an older model for 15 years with no problem). The Harmony remotes are good, but two of my friends who bought them both had them crap out in the first year (and I've heard others complain of reliability issues as well). If that's something that would concern you the RFS200 might be another option worth a look. Best of luck.

There is a wireless rf receiver you acquire from Logitech in addition to the harmony remote. The actual receiver sends ir signals so if it can be placed in line with the equipment no wires are needed. If not there are wires that plug into the receiver and have small ir pads onthe ends thatnyoumplace directly on unit over the ir receiver area. (4 wires I believe per transmitter).

There is also the "Harmony Link" which is a unit that is the ir transmitter, controls up to 8 devices, and is controlled through an iPad or smart phone ( wireless network required). That would be even a better solution for your situation.
Decided on a Niles IR repeater. Best solution to retain station name selection on Magnum Dynalab remote. Thanks all for your input.
Discovered MD remote has no screen for channels, therefore also acquired the Harmony 900, to try. The 900 seems less brain damage, but will keep whichever works best, send the other back. The Niles requires hard-wiring from repeater to the control unit in the rack, the 900 does not.