I miss Buffalo's Audio Club,

I would love to see one of the olderst Audio Clubs start up again. I am willing to get the ball rolling!
I was a member of the New York Audio Society for a number of years in the 1980s. What a great group of people!

Since I now live in the Philadelphia area, I am active with another great group of folks in the Philadelphia Area Audio Group.

I hope you can get some interest going in WNY. There are several regular posters here that live in the area. Best of luck to you.
I too miss the WNY audio club at the boat club.They were fun until things started to get political and the club split into "camps".
That's where I first started was at the Boat Club. Lacee do you know any of the old members? Any Ideas where we might meet?
Some of us were in our own little group and linked up to the Buffalo club thru Tom who was the equipment organizer.We still get together every Tuesday nite at each others homes to listen, chat and critique new gear.We go to the Montreal Audio show in March 24 to 26. Maybe former Buffalo members could attend and we could have a re-union of sorts.
I would love to join you! My email is newsweek101@yahoo.com my phone number is 7164985100. Tom
I was an original member of The Western New York Audio Society from the Blue Water Inn days in Lackawanna (this was the starting point)I also served as VP and equipment director for a number of years.I also miss the club and its members.I believe it disolved for a number of reasons,but mostly due to dwindling interest in the hobby and lack of involvement by all but a few people doing everything at meetings.I'd be interested in attempts to reform the club and share my insight on the topic.But I think it would be an uphill battle.There are a lot of issues that would have to be discussed/resolved to make it sucessful.I'm also open to listening sessions at my place.Email me if you'd like my phone number.
Hi EVeryone,
I know i'm a little ways from Buffalo but I would like to extend an offer to get together. I seem to be in the middle of a few clubs and want to open my store to those in the NJ Audio Society, Albany area as well as the NY Audio Rave (in the city).

I am looking at Sunday May 7th, to get some interested parties together at www.responseaudio.com
Maybe we can start something new if we get enough interest in this area as well.

Interested parties can contact me at Response34@aol.com.

I am in the Binghamton area and do have a brick n' mortar location where everyone is welcome to use for pre-scheduled gatherings.