Buffalo Springfield- “For What it’s Worth” - best vinyl version

Does anyone know what’s the best vinyl version for sonics Buffalo Springfield- “For What it’s Worth”?

Also, going forward, is there a way I can find out for myself?  I’m only guessing:

  • Remastered from the original analog tapes is best?
  • first print/pressing  is most desirable?
  • Discogs album ratings can tell which version is better?
  • Mono or stereo- which/when is sonically better?

I have the box set that was released several years ago. Remastered from the original master tapes. Stereo/mono versions of the first two lps and their last album. This is the best I’ve heard them. People that got it on my recommendation loved it as well.

It was a deal$ at the time.

That’s a great boxset Steve, I have it as well. All the Springfield recordings, in better-than-original LP sound quality. 5 LP’s for a hundred bucks, cheaper than Mint copies of OG’s (I ditched mine after getting the box). Thank you Neil!

By the way, the first pressing of the debut album did not contain "For What It's Worth." That was added to later pressings after the single proved to be a radio hit.