anyone audiophiles/audioholics in Buffalo NY

just wonderin' if there any audiogoners here near Buffalo NY.
I was a member of the WNY Audio Society for a number of years

Western New York Audio Society
PO Box 312,
N. Tonawanda, NY 14150

I could not find an email or web address for them however.
Perhaps Bill Feil at Audiofeil International might know more about their current status and weigh in on this.
Yeah, we're out here. We're probably too whacked out to have any chance at integrating into civil society but we're here. I know at least three others in the region. We ought to have some sort of mutual support sytem.
Hi Gill,
I think we corresponded previousily.I'm located in Tonawanda.I believe you're in Kenmore,right?
I was a member of WNYAS for various years at various times. I produced the WNYAS newsletter for many of those years ("The Transmission Line").

I have a file folder with WNYAS member lists, newsletters, and other information. If anyone might find this useful, I'd be happy to hand it over.
Not from Buffalo, But I worked at The Sound Concept in Rochester, NY and recently started my own shop . I know I have run across a few WNYAS members as some of you would come down to check thing out.

  I responded to you back in 2011. I'm still alive and kickin in the hobby.

Hello,  audiophile guy here in the north towns / Lockport area.. I wish there was a  local audiophile club in the are.

If any of you cats drive to SPAC for a show I would be happy to throw you in my cave for some pre or post concert listening.

I am just outside Saratoga Springs.

Happy Listening!

Hi Upstate/Western NY audiophiles.  I am near Cooperstown, NY.  Right in the middle of the state.  I have a friend who has a BEAUTIFUL system nearby AND another who is an actual custom builder and wonderful guy, who runs Tempo Electric in Troy, NY.  I am always interested in figuring out how to listen to other systems to get an idea of what's going on.  Please PM if you care to any time.  I am looking to hear some optimized Horn and Hybrid Systems.  Especially the Voice of the Theater systems.