I agree with Keef

The Stones are in town(LA) for 2 nights.

With so many things now being now deemed "inappropriate" these days, I suppose this isn't a surprise?

Brown Sugar is part of the Stones "permanent set list".  
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Yes, and a blackboard is a medium used in teaching.
What’s their new name for blackbird? Will McCartney be censored too?
Time they all grew up.

It is not about the song, not about the lyrics. Being authentic comes close. Authentic means from the author. The person. The individual. Being authentic is being original and true to yourself.

But we are not talking about some trivial word change. We are not talking about a song that the audience has moved on and no longer cares to hear. We aren’t even talking about a song they just plain got tired of playing. No. None of these. We are talking about a song the mob has pressured and coerced them into dropping simply because they can.

It has nothing to do with the lyrics or subject matter of the song. If that were the case then as everyone clearly understands there are a million such songs. It is simply they see it as their next opportunity to exert control.

This is what they do. Where have you people been the last two years? Where is there any indication there will ever be any end to it? The instant they have cowed Mick Jagger into line they have already moved on to the next target. And they will keep going and going for as long as cowards like Mick acquiesce.

If you want to live in a world where you are no longer free to do or even think anything but what they tell you, just keep going the way you are. If you want to live free, JUST SAY NO!
The Stones tour sponsor is a financial company.

The company has relationships with well known organizations. You can bet the house THEY don’t want ANY association with ANYTHING that’s now highly sensitive. Just one upset individuals feelings from the many "organizations" now gets tweeted into headlines, and you’re DONE.

I still say the WALLET is what’s really influencing Micks decision. He’s no dummy. Shut up and take cash!