Humminguru record cleaner

Almost all of my records are in NM condition, so I didn’t think I needed a record cleaner to replace my VPI 16.5. Also, my record surfaces are virtually silent.. But I was intrigued by the ultrasonic cleaners out there. So I bought one with the probability of a return. The results are amazing. This device cleans the records so well it’s like adding a new component to my system. And it’s only $500. With my already clean records I didn’t need the Degritter which is several times more expensive.

I recommend it highly.


@tomic601 cover one side in painter’s tape, clean record in first machine. Hope tape stays on during cleaning cycle! Remove tape, tape up cleaned side, clean in other machine. Remove tape, play both sides of record. Not perfect by any means but not bad either.

@vitussl101 Apparently it is you who does not know how a ’Guru’ works, or for that matter how the cleaning process works in general with US. With the ’Guru’, the issue is that ( and this is like most US machines, including the KL that I used to own, albeit less so here), the water does not get the record sufficiently wet unless a surfactant ( to break down the water/vinyl interface) is utilized. Without the surfactant, the cavitation aspect is far less effective. YMMV.

Have one. Very happy with it! I also used their support one time. Very responsive. 

@aberyclark been a little while since I had it. I didn't have it very long. I liked what it did more than my VPI, so that's a high endorsement. Since I liked the result so much I went for a DG.

I just recall it seemed a bit more finicky. Record fits into the cleaning slot much nicer/tighter on DG, process is a lot smoother.

Again, HG is a fine machine at the price point. I recommend it. Not everybody wants to spend the $$$ on DG for similar results