Huge Center Channel Hi Grade

I'm seeking a huge, but extremely high grade center channel. Preferably about four feet long and ideally would go lower than 35-40Hz. I am aware of Legacy Audio's Marquis, but not many others, though I would suspect they exist.

I have done a lot of surfing on this, but want to see if any others know of such speakers currently in production.
Check with Jim Salk, he can make one any size you want. I just got one that's 37" long with Seas Excel and Raal drivers.
A Kef 204c would foot the bill. Don't see them to often. I sold mine a few months ago.
Martin Logan used to display quite a large looking center channel speaker IIRC. With your connections I think I would go the custom route.
I am second Salksound. Jim is very knowledge and easy to work with. He will build what ever you want. the sky is the limit.
Try a Paradigm Signature C5(V3). Low frequency 24hz, 93db,43-35khzon/43-20off axis.9.5x37.5x17.5deep. 81lbs.

Regards Bacardi
I actually replaced my Kef with a Salk. Very fine center channel (both). Than an affordable Linn Klimax 340A showed up and I never looked back.
You should really match your center channel to your mains, but if you want a big one, take a look at:
I agree to a point with Malcolm02 that you will probably get better timbre-matching by matching your center to your mains although his reference doesn't meet your specs.

Rather look to Jim Salk, Rick Craig (Selah Audio), or Peter Noerbaek (PNB Audio) to custom build you a speaker. You can specify whatever specs you desire and can afford and get furniture-grade cabinetry to boot.