How to modify a for sale listing

I am selling a component on Audiogon. I have had an offer, so the ad cannot be edited. But I want to lower the asking price to stimulate interest, and it appears I am blocked from doing so. Is there any way to do this? If not, the admin policy strikes me as shortsighted if not infuriating. They make you pay up front for the ad so it’s of no consequence to them if the item doesn’t sell. If there’s a way to reduce the asking price, I’d like to know.


usually, after you decline the offer, the price can be lowered and ad edited...

Thanks to you both. Perhaps I’m an impatient searcher, but I did not find “contact us”, and when I accessed my ad via my personal dashboard, after declining an offer, there was/is no button for modifying the ad copy, and there is a statement that ads cannot be edited after an offer has been made. I will make a more diligent search for contact us.

.... I will make a more diligent search for contact us.

I already gave you the link.

Here it is again: Contact Us. It’s at the bottom of every page.

Good luck to you.

Didn’t see it because was on my cell phone with poor visibility. Now I am at my computer and do see it. Thanks. On my cell and on my computer, the bottom of every page is obstructed with an ad superimposed on the tiny icon for "contact us". But now I see that too. Not very prominently displayed.

OK. I just sent an email to "contact us" describing my dilemma.  Where should I expect a response, on my Audiogon message board or to my email address? Thanks.

You should get an e-mail, @lewm, including an auto-reply that your inquiry was received.