How many of the musician's in Carlene's band in this video can you name?


Four of them are obvious (one being her then-husband), the other three (bassist, drummer, accordion player) I don’t recognize.




And here’s a more recent video in which Carlene gives an abbreviated rundown of her family heritage. Not many can match it!




Here she is back in the 1980’s singing a duet with Dave Edmunds. At the time she was married to Dave’s partner in Rockpile, Nick Lowe. All three are 1970’s/80’s faves of mine.





I believe the guy playing the ukulele is muppet man Jim Henson.

Seriously, here is a list.

I Fell In Love

Accordion – Eddie Baytos

Acoustic Guitar – Howie Epstein

Backing Vocals – Dave EdmundsHowie EpsteinJim LauderdaleJim PhotogloKeith KnudsenKevin WelchLevon HelmVince Melamed

Bass – John Ciambotti*

Drums – Ed Greene (2)

Lead Guitar – Albert Lee

Piano – Benmont Tench

Written-By – Benmont TenchCarlene CarterHowie EpsteinPerry Lamek


@tony1954: That must be the list from the studio recording, right? ’Cause Dave Edmunds for one is not on stage. But John Ciambotti on bass is right (I thought he looked familiar!). "Dr. John" was Lucinda Williams’ original bass player. Unless there are two drummer named Ed Greene I don’t think that’s who is on stage. The Ed Greene I know is a Jazz/Funk player, which the guy on stage with Carlene is clearly not. Cool set of 1930’s drums, though!


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Ha! The now-deleted post was from @stuartk, who said "That's one seriously ugly acoustic guitar!!!" I couldn't agree more Stuart. What the Hell is that monstrosity?! That's what I would derisively call a "Rock Star" acoustic guitar, and that ain't a compliment. I'm sure it also sounds like sh*t.